Review: Tata Harper Beauty Event at Biomazing

tata harper event @ biomazing

Beauty expert Kristen Erb from Tata Harper Skincare came to the Biomazing showroom in Winterthur on Saturday 26 September to pamper our guests with the wonderful Mini Facials. The facial treatments were customised to the individual skin type.

Tata Harper Event @ Biomazing

Photo credit: Katrin Roth (Instagram)

All Tata Harper Skincare products are certified organic and are true stars when it comes to their effectiveness on the skin. Bloggers, beauty experts and guests raved about the delicate fragrances and the feel of the skin.

Tata Harper Event @ Biomazing

Tata Harper Event @ Biomazing

During each treatment, Kristen explained the individual care steps and gave tips and tricks for the respective skin type and individual needs. Kristen treated one customer and visitor after the other in an intensive 25-minute rotation until 15 customers were glowing happily at the end of the day.

Tata Harper Event @ Biomazing

In addition to delicacies and chats, beauty tips were exchanged and the wonderful Biomazing showroom was browsed, tested, creamed and scented.

Tata Harper Event @ Biomazing
Photo credit: MyGloss (Instagram)

Tata Harper Event @ Biomazing

The special event was also covered by the enchanting Katrin from The Beauty Experience and the wonderful Maja from Italy Nights reported.


A huge thank you to Kristen, who travelled to Switzerland especially for our customers -
She introduced all the guests to the brand new Tata Harper highlighter, which everyone loved straight away and which we can't wait to launch (it's just a few days away!).

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