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Gemstones and their extracts are the latest craze in the beauty scene. What's behind this trend? Expert Sandra Beck-Mair from Sandra Mair Cosmetic Manufactuare enhances her high-quality products with precious minerals and explains the hows and whys of nature's jewels:

In human history, precious minerals have always played a major role in health and beauty. Thousands of years of tradition from ancient Egypt, the ancient Roman Empire and the indigenous peoples of North America and other parts of the world document the empirical knowledge of the diverse effects and powers of precious minerals.

Today, this ancient knowledge is confirmed and supplemented by research findings in the chemical and medical fields.
For those who are particularly interested, I refer to the Standard work Natural Minerals / Regulation / Health by Prof. Prof. Dr Karl Hecht. In his specialised work, Hecht gives an impressive and easy-to-understand account of the effects of natural and precious minerals.

Precious minerals are primordial minerals and therefore natural components of our planet. They are chemical compounds. The individual precious minerals are usually differentiated by the chemical elements they contain. One chemical element found in most precious minerals is silicon, which often combines with oxygen to form silicon dioxide. Silicon is of great importance for the function of the human organism. The human body contains around 20 mg of silicon per kilogramme of body weight. This amount decreases steadily with age.

The positive effect of silicon dioxide has been scientifically researched. It has been proven that silicon dioxide binds moisture and thus ensures firmness, firmness and elasticity of the skin and connective tissue. The positive effect of silicon dioxide on skin blemishes has also been proven.

In addition to silicon, other elements are also found in precious minerals, such as iron, copper and sulphur. Each element has its own effect on the organism, the skin or the connective tissue. Iron, for example, has been proven to promote collagen formation in the skin and therefore its elasticity. Sulphur, on the other hand, supports the detoxification of the skin and removes skin impurities.

In cosmetics, precious minerals help to ensure that the skin cells are well supplied with the necessary nutrients. They therefore have a regulating effect on the skin's metabolism and leave a beautifully even complexion. Precious minerals are said to have rejuvenating, skin-tightening properties, which Nefertiti and Cleopatra already knew how to utilise thousands of years ago.

It is a wonderful gift that we are able to use these jewels of nature in cosmetics.

Sandra Beck-Mair, owner and founder of the Sandra Mair Cosmetic Manufacture works in her company's manufactory herself.

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