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Moon Juice marks the dawn of the next generation of beauty and wellness treatments. And we are bursting with pride that Biomazing is able to present the magic potions of the beautiful Amanda Chantal Bacon first and exclusively at Biomazing!

The founder and beauty behind the ingenious Moon Juice products is Amanda Chantal Bacon, who immediately casts a spell over you with her charisma. If anyone knows how to achieve true beauty, it's her! The power woman and single mum has worked hard to achieve this, with a career that began in the kitchens of French gourmet restaurants. Amanda now serves green juices and her special organic elixirs in three Moon Juice shops in California and counts celebrities and insiders such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Estée Lauder and US Vogue among her fans.
Moon Juice Amanda Chantal Bacon Moon Dust
What are moon dusts?
The Moon Dusts by Juicerin-Extraordinare are seven herbal mixtures in powder form, which have been specially created for different needs: Good Night Dust improves the quality of sleep and supports the nightly detoxification of the body, Brain Dust stimulates the grey cells and ensures creative and productive hours, Heart Dust supports the heart and its needs, Sex Dust has a stimulating and aphrodisiac effect, but also intensifies creativity, Beauty Dust supports the production of collagen and silica in the body and ensures great radiance, Spirit Dust almost feeds the body with harmony and inner peace and Body Dust provides support on strenuous days and strengthens the body's immune and hormone balance.
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The recipes for Moon Dusts are based on traditional TCM secrets and tinctures that were already brewed at court during the Chinese Empire to make the ruler and his family healthier, more beautiful, more spiritual and, above all, immortal. Moon Dusts are based on herbs that belong to the adaptogen family (here is a detailed article about adaptogens and their effects) and thus have a beneficial effect on body and mind according to individual needs. Amanda Chantal Bacon developed the Moon Dusts with a specialist in Chinese herbs. They contain the most effective herbs and adaptogens in organic quality and from wild harvesting as well as bioactive minerals. The formulas work on several levels, says Bacon, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
The application
Moon Dusts are beauty applications from the inside, so the Dusts are absorbed like food and thus enter the body and bloodstream. To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of the desired Dust in water or milk, hot or cold, or add it to smoothies, soups, cakes or use it in salads and dressings. There are no limits to your imagination! Of course, you can also combine the Dusts with each other, e.g. to make a Beauty Good Night Milk for a restful beauty sleep, or Brain and Sex Dust for a creative and successful work session. If you need a really intensive boost, you can also increase the dose, because adaptogens are safe.
The Moon Dust Collection from Moon Juice here here available.
photo credit: Moon Juice, Jenni Kayne
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