Spotlight: Adaptogens, anti-stress miracle cures from nature

spotlight adaptogens
Stress and exhaustion have become part of our modern everyday life, even our lifestyle. And while we valiantly try to fight back with coffee and sweets, these often only help in the short term and at the end of the sugar and caffeine high we crash a little deeper.

We see this cycle as something short-lived: we call it the "afternoon slump" and overlook the fact that our body needs to be strengthened in the long term in order to break out of the unhealthy vicious circle of tiredness, fatigue, inflammation, a weakened immune system, brittle nails and hair and bad skin.
The magic formula is called: Adptogene.

What are adaptogens? 
Adaptogens are a group of herbs that specifically help the body to deal with various forms of stress. Adaptogens act on the adrenal glands, which control the body's response to stress. The body is strengthened so that it can react better to stress and cope better with anxiety and fatigue. Adaptogens have a gentle and constant effect, in contrast to a coffee boost, for example, which initially catapults the body upwards, but then sends it crashing down even further. The special thing about adaptogens is that they adapt to the individual needs of the body and develop their effect according to these individual needs.
Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda to boost energy, make the body more resistant to stress and strengthen stamina, both physically and mentally. Studies have proven the positive effects of adaptogens and also found that their long-term use is safe and has even more benefits.
How do adaptogens work? 
Adaptogens work like air conditioning: if the temperature is too hot, they cool you down; if it's too cold, they heat you up. Using the same system, adaptogens can equalise stress reactions in the body or provide an energy boost for more strength. The body is not overstimulated, but each body reacts in exactly the way that is best for it individually. Adaptogens can balance bodily functions, support kidney function and counteract the negative effects of stress on the body. As a result, the cells in the body have access to more energy, oxygen is better utilised and toxins and unwanted substances are more easily excreted.
Tulsi and Moon Dusts 
A popular adaptogen is tulsi, which can be enjoyed as a delicious tea, for example (more information on tulsi and its effects here). Another source of very special adaptogen mixtures are the Moon Dusts from Californian super-brand Moon Juice, which are tailored to individual needs and are suitable for a whole range of situations, from Brain Dustwhich increases work performance, via the health-promoting Body Dustto the soothing Good Night Dustwhich ensures restful sleep and promotes detoxification in the body.
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