Water with lemon - the ultimate beauty potion

water with lemon cover picture

Supermodels Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum, health and detox experts and every lifestyle magazine recommends lemon water. What's behind these recommendations and how do you drink lemon water properly?

This is how it works: First thing in the morning, squeeze a whole organic lemon into a glass of lukewarm water, stir in a little cyenne pepper or turmeric if desired, and savour in slow sips.

Why? Lemons are acidic and therefore excellent alkalising agents. This means that the pH value is rebalanced after the consumption of sugar, alcohol, fats and other acid-forming foods. Lemon water also stimulates digestion, speeds up the metabolism and neutralises toxins stored in the body. All of these effects also result in clearer, radiant skin. An organic lemon can do all this!

Bonus: Drinking lemon water regularly in the morning and, if you wish, during the day can prevent inflammation and pimples from breaking out.

Double bonus: The daily vitamin C shot strengthens the immune system and colds no longer stand a chance.

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