The skin - a super organ and its forgotten function

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Nowadays, we talk about skin almost everywhere - but the focus is almost always on cosmetics or aesthetics, and the skin also occupies a special position in our minds as a separate entity. In doing so, we overlook what the skin actually is: one half of the important body + skin couple.

The skin is the largest sensory organ and fulfils a whole range of key functions that result from chemical and physical reactions within the skin itself. As a kind of protective layer for the body, it not only protects it from the environment, but also from injury and oxidation, and helps it to maintain a healthy body temperature. The skin also collects information and transmits it to the body so that it can react to it, and plays an active role in the immune system. In order to fulfil all these functions - protective, metabolic, sensory and immune system-related - the skin must be able to perform its ability to heal itself and all other functions.

Our skin is also particularly important for detoxification. By excreting sweat and sebum, the skin eliminates harmful substances that cannot be excreted by the liver or other detoxification pathways. In addition to these harmful substances, the skin can also excrete hormones and enzymes - these also come from the body or from within the skin itself.

However, our skin is even more important for our health. Langerhans cells transport antigens (i.e. substances recognised as foreign by the immune system) into the lymphatic system. Excessive sunbathing, for example, can block or even kill Langhans cells - and the risk of cancer increases significantly.

We often forget that our skin is not just a canvas for our idea of aesthetics, but has to fulfil these crucial tasks for itself and the whole body. This close relationship with bodily functions, its role as a detoxifier and for our health, shows why it is so important to look after not just the skin itself, but the whole body - and soul - in order to feel and be beautiful. The reward is what we all seek: Beautiful, healthy, glowing skin!


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This article originally appeared on, the predecessor of Biomazing. 

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