Tested: Wonderful baths from Dr Hauschka

bath oil dr hauschka

Tested: The new bath oils from Dr Hauschka in the flavours Almond, Rose Blossom, Lemon Lemongrass and Moor Lavender 

Outstanding features: Sustainably and fairly produced, Demeter quality, vegan, certified organic by NaTrue, filled in reusable glass jars

Just in time for the start of autumn, Dr Hauschka presents its new bath oils and delights our noses and skin anew. The precious oils are presented in five glass bottles and there is more to them than just the scent they exude.

As long as 6500 years ago, the rulers of Mesopotamia bathed to ritually cleanse themselves, revitalise their spirits and inspire themselves. Since then, bathing, whether as a physical or ritual cleansing or as a social activity, has run through history. Our modern understanding of bathing is a private, secluded one, and many of us use a bath to relax and enjoy ourselves.

The ideal bath lasts 15-20 minutes, because after just 5 minutes in warm water the body can relax, the muscles are warmed through and the circulation is stimulated. Relaxation in warm water can be further enhanced with essential oils. At a water temperature of up to 39º, the aromas can unfold optimally and have a dual effect on the happy bather through the skin and inhalation.

So you can choose the ideal bath oil depending on your preference and mood, and Dr Hauschka has also made sure that the oils can be perfectly combined with the same fragrance of the shower gels and body lotions.

Dr Hauschka-Neue-Baeder

So how do you choose the right oil? Lemon lemongrass bath oil is a refreshing, lemony oil that awakens the spirits, brightens the mood and can conjure up rays of sunshine on dull days. Ideal for the morning or when you are feeling down. The bath oil has the typical light yellow transparent colour of lemon oil.
The Moor-Lavender bath oil with a composition of horsetail, horse chestnut and moor is something very special. Lavender oil soothes and relaxes. This bath oil soothes and provides enveloping protection, especially in the evening before going to sleep. The consistency is milky and creamy rather than oily, yet the skin is sufficiently nourished in the bath.
According to Dr Hauschka, the rose bath makes the soul blossom, and the scent of this oil really does make it easy to blossom. The scent of fresh rose petals can also be combined with the Almond bath oil, which has a sweet (but not vanilla-like) golden effect in the bottle. Fresh roses and sweet almonds go well together in bath water and create an uplifting, refreshing combination.
The greenish-yellow shimmering sage oil bath is a classic - warming when the body needs warmth, refreshing when overheated and agitated, because sage adapts to the body's needs. The refreshing fragrance is also effective when the bath oil is used for a foot bath.

Application: Fill the bathtub with warm water (35-39º Celsius) and then add 1-2 capfuls of bath oil and stir gently by hand. Susanne Kurz from Dr. Hauschka USA even recommends stirring the bath water with the oil in figure-eight movements to further energise the water.

One bottle of bath oil contains 100ml, enough for 15-20 full baths. Further information, ingredients and the oils are here available.

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