"Yoga is my path, yoga is my life"

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Yoga teacher Belinda is one of those people you meet and never forget. She shines like the sun, has a laugh you can't resist even when you're in the worst mood, and when she talks about yoga, her eyes start to light up. And ours - because Belinda's enthusiasm for yoga is infectious.

The certified Ashtanga yoga teacher lives yoga. Not only on the mat and during practice, but also in everyday life.

Here at Biomazing, Belinda will try to bring us closer to yoga, show asanas and give tips, answer questions and also joke with us. Just as the philosophy of yoga encompasses the whole of life, Belinda will take us on a journey in her articles.

Belinda: "Yoga is incredibly popular and popular, especially the asanas (the physical exercises on the mat) are at the centre of interest. That's wonderful and the best way to get to grips with yoga as a whole, as a philosophy of life.

Since yoga slowly crept into my life in the form of "gymnastics" on the mat (asanas - physical exercises on the mat), I have experienced a lot. Yoga has changed me and my life from the ground up, slowly but steadily: yoga is a way back to myself, a way of coming home, of becoming more focussed. I take many small steps forwards and sometimes also big steps backwards.

Practising in the morning is as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth. On the one hand, I don't want to portray the "practice" as something so banal, but on the other hand, some days it's the easiest thing in the world to practise. On the other hand, some days it's a real challenge - just like life off the mat...

Yoga is life, life is yoga. Yoga helps me to live consciously: Every day I try to rediscover this one day as the most beautiful day of my life. Passing on knowledge and seeing how you can convey happiness, health and well-being is something wonderful! It's actually quite simple, because almost everyone experiences the positive effects on their body and mood after just a few correctly performed sun salutations and light asanas. This is how simple the path begins, and how effective the start of a long, exciting and beautiful path is - life with yoga.

The whole world is yoga - yoga is a path. The true art of yoga is not just doing a few minutes of exercise every day, but living yoga, taking responsibility and leading a respectful, grateful life. I try to do this as best I can and I know that I myself am at the very beginning of this huge task."

Belinda has dedicated herself to Ashtanga yoga and will talk about yoga, her path, the challenges and achievements of this philosophy of life at Biomazing.
More about Belinda: www.yogarize.me

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