Oil pulling - traditional detoxification

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Detoxing is not always fun, and the thought of a spoonful of oil in your mouth sounds rather unpleasant at first. However, oil pulling is firmly anchored in ancient traditions such as Ayurvedic medicine and has a long list of health benefits.

Dental health After just a few days, discolouration from tea or coffee disappears and shiny white teeth appear. Breathing also becomes noticeably better.

Stronger gums Bleeding, painful gums and plaque are a sign of sickly, weakened gums. Oil pulling strengthens the gums, making them resilient and strong.

Mucolytic Whether during a cold or as a preventative measure, correct oil pulling loosens unpleasant mucus in the throat, sinuses and frontal sinuses.

Migraine and asthma-Symptoms are noticeably reduced as they are often a reaction of the body to something it cannot tolerate. Oil pulling detoxifies the body from a range of possible triggers.

Women's health Oil pulling has a regulating effect on the body and its detoxification. As a result, the menstrual cycle is balanced and PMS is less severe. In some cases, oil pulling even helps against cramps.

Better skin The regular detoxification and regulation of the body gives the skin a healthier glow, impurities are reduced and the complexion is generally clearer and more beautiful.

Attention morning grouches Oil pulling really helps you to get going. The method is so effective that even late risers and dreamers (can) give up their coffee!

This is how it works 
Oil pulling should be done in the morning right after getting up, before breakfast or brushing your teeth. Particularly recommended oils are (unrefined) sesame, coconut and sunflower oil. On an empty stomach, first put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth.

Now "pull" the oil through your mouth from one side to the other, making sure that you get every nook and cranny in your mouth. However, gargling is not necessary.

Oil pulling in the mouth activates enzymes that help to remove toxins from the body. The toxins and bacteria are bound in the oil - clearly visible in the change in colour after pulling!

The oil must be "drawn" and distributed in the mouth for 15-20 minutes without swallowing it. This is the only way to allow sufficient time to activate the enzymes and bind the toxins and bacteria in the oil.

The oil should be spat out after 20 minutes. A small paper bag or tissue is ideal, which can then be disposed of in the rubbish. If you keep the oil in your mouth for longer than 20 minutes, you run the risk of the toxins returning to your body.

After oil pulling, you should brush your teeth thoroughly to make sure that all toxins have been removed.

Oil pulling ensures oral hygiene, more beautiful skin, relieves constipation and conjures away bad breath, strengthens teeth and gums, helps with menstrual cycle problems, migraines and even asthma and helps you digest your third Chüpli without a headache - in just 15 minutes!


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