//LOOK It's Summertime, Baby

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Summer - the best time to sit barefoot in the sun, enjoy barbecues and afternoons by the water. Everything goes well when you can feel the sun's rays on your skin and the gentle summer wind tickles your nose. You can really enjoy the best time of the year with a natural and simple look that leaves time for the essentials!


This summer, we're focusing on beautiful skin and natural hair - paired with a splash of colour that's quick to conjure up and completes the look in an instant. The ingredients are: clean, make-up-free skin that smells of sun and summer, natural hair and a great splash of colour on the lips. The perfect summer look!

Our go-to hair oil for well-groomed hair in summer: bepure's 5-fold Repair Hair Care hair oil ensures strong, healthy hair, protects hair from the heat, countless dips in the lake or sea and leaves it shining silky in the sun. Beach waves after a long day in the sun? Check! Five valuable plant oils, including argan oil, jojoba oil and castor oil, provide hair and scalp with optimal nutrients, strengthen it and moisturise it. Castor oil and avocado oil ensure healthy growth and strong hair right to the ends.


The natural beach waves really come into their own in a clean look with a great splash of colour. Our colour of the summer is the vegan lipstick from Inika in the colour Auburn Ambition: the strong, berry red flatters every skin tone, especially soft tanned skin, and makes hazelnut-brown beach waves really vibrate in the evening sun! Applied in one coat, the lips look berry and fresh, as if you've just eaten an ice cream. If you want to intensify the look, you can create even more coverage with a second coat of lipstick. Another advantage of lipstick: it lasts longer than gloss, looks more intense and nourished and is non-sticky. The ideal feel-good look!


Will we survive the whole summer with just the bepure 5x repair hair oil and the great lipsticks from Inika? Maybe not, but warm days by the water, enjoying ourselves and even in the city will be summery-simple and yet stylish. So apply the oil to your ends, apply fresh colour to your lips and get out into the sun!


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