How To: Detox and Renourish

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After the Christmas holidays, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, your body, skin, even your hair and even your soul are full, perhaps even exhausted or simply tired. In order to regain the necessary vital energy in the grey everyday life of winter, it is now important to detox and detoxify the body, while at the same time caring for it and nourishing it with the right things. That's why January is our "Detox and Renourish" month at Biomazing.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can detox, restore your health and nourish your body with what it needs to glow and feel good:

Soul & well-being
Too much on your mind, stressed, restless or simply not quite "with yourself"? In this case, it helps to let your mind wander and gently strengthen your body. The best way to do this is with a sport that is (also) relaxing and that you enjoy. Yoga or Pilates are highly recommended, or how about a nice long walk in the countryside? To nourish the soul afterwards, meditation is particularly suitable, as it can give the soul new strength.


Tip: Take a yoga lesson with the captivating Deddou from indulge


The body
The right diet helps to detoxify the body. A juice diet with vegetable and fruit juices such as avocado, pomegranate or other superfoods can detoxify the body wonderfully. It also helps the body with a detox tea, e.g. from Pukka detoxify. For nourishing, renourishing, it is particularly important to supply the body with the right nutrients while relieving the digestive system. The delicious Chia toppings from Davert are the perfect Renourish breakfast option after the Christmas feast...Green vegetables are also our friend, including avocados, broccoli, spinach, as well as nuts and seasonal vegetables.

Detox & Renourish with Chia Davert



The skin
In winter, the skin is exhausted and often dull and flabby. The cold irritates the skin's elasticity and makes it brittle. That's why detoxing and revitalising the skin is particularly important. With a body scrub like the one from Tata Harper Skincare the first step is to cleanse the skin and remove excess skin cells. A body oil such as the Energy Oil from bepure or the Ginger detox body oil from Safeas nourish and care for the skin, restoring its elasticity and providing it with sufficient moisture.

.tata-harper-body-scrub-detoxTip: The jasmine-scented body scrub from Tata Harper also refreshes the mind and senses


The face
The skin on your face in particular needs extensive care after all that stress. The perfect detox option is a clarifying, but not too intensive, mask, like our current favourite, the pitch-black Face mask from Vestige Verdant. To provide the skin with restorative nutrients, an oil customised to the skin type is ideal, or a special care product such as the Replenishing Nutrient Complex from Tata Harper Skincare. This provides the skin with intensive nutrients and moisture and gives it a radiant freshness.

Katrin + Anna Vestige Verdant MaskTip: This mask is an absolute Instagram star, I promise. How to use the time "in the mask" wisely here explained on The Beauty Experience by the enchanting Katrin.


Hair & scalp
It can't hurt to give your stressed hair and scalp a detox treatment from time to time. Particularly suitable for this is the Alkaline shampoo from VitaBase. As we usually over-acidify our body, hair, skin and stomach during the biscuit-intensive festive season, alkaline cleansing is an important step in between. The purified hair is cleansed by the Hair oil from bepure strengthened and nourished. This specially nourishing hair oil pampers the ends and provides intensive care right down to the roots and scalp.


For the inquisitive there is here 8 more tips and tricks for a successful detox programme. Biomazing founder Anna Baumgartner swears by her favourite detox smoothie. The recipe for the baobab detox smoothie is available here.


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