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Christmas is approaching and with it not only the wonderful time of making friends, but also the dreadful time of sleepless nights pondering what to get your mother-in-law and boss. But don't worry, Biomazing has the perfect gift for every relationship, no matter how complicated:

For the monster-in-law the beloved mother-in-law

It's not easy to please your loved one's mum, and giving her a present is even harder. But with these gifts, you can make her smile too:

❄ The sweet, delicate fragrance of the Satori Perfume by Lina Hanson turns every untamable beast into a little kitten. (CH Shop, EU Shop)
❄ A hit for every mum-in-law: the Tata Harper Daily Essentials Discovery Kit (CH Shop, EU Shop)
❄ For a mother-in-law who enjoys her home and is proud of it, the  Scented candles from Lucy Annabella (CH Shop, EU Shop) just the right thing.

Lucy_Annabella_Organics_Winter_Scented_Candles_Set__ml …..tata_s_daily_essentials_Tata_Harper_Skincare_ml lina-hanson-satori-perfume-z_ml

For the work colleague with whom one has argued

What better time to bury an unnecessary hatchet than the run-up to Christmas? Urgently establishing the all-important peace in the office helps everyone involved. And even complicated bosses can be soothed with these attentions...

❄ Nothing says "Please forgive me" as lovingly as the Love Potion Perfume by Tata Harper (CH Shop, EU Shop).
❄ The Dr Hauschka Revitalising Mask (CH Shop, EU Shop) makes the face look carefree (and wrinkle-free) even after fights.
❄ With the Joy Juice Perfume by Lotus Wei (CH Shop, EU Shop) you can radiate joy and good humour.

Dr_Hauschka_Intensive_Care_Revitalising_Mask ……..lotus_white_perfume_joy_juice_copy_ml ……Tata_Harper_Love_Potion_Love_Potion_10ml_Vintage_Perfume_Pumper_ml

For the impossible Boyfriend of the best friend 

We find him impossible and he's definitely not good enough for our best friend. Even if the boyfriend is sometimes a thorn in our side and just won't disappear into thin air, we can at least make him more bearable with these gifts:

❄ The Huile de Parfum 02 from Stark Skincare (CH Shop, EU Shop) makes every man smell good.
❄ With the Beard brush from Kostkamm (CH Shop) the beard is at least not quite so dishevelled.
❄ The Harmonic Shampoo from Intelligent Nutrients (CH Shop, EU Shop) at least makes his hair pretty.

kostkamm-bartbuerste-1-stk-236305-de_ml-2…… Stark_Skincare_Huile_de_Parfum_02_vegan_bio_Biomazing_ml….Intelligent_Nutrients_Switzerland_Harmonic_Shampoo_vegan_gluten_free_12_ml-2

For Complicated Difficult to gift

Whether you don't know someone that well yet, it's not always easy between people, or someone doesn't want anything at all, these gifts make everyone happy:

Seed bombs (CH Shop, EU Shop) ensure fragrant, relaxing hours in the countryside.
❄ The Natural Glow from Head to Toe Set by Tata Harper Skincare (CH Shop, EU Shop) pampers the whole body, smells wonderful and is ideal for travelling.
❄ Healthy snacking is fun for everyone! For example with the delicious Goji-mulberry mix from Flores Farm (CH Shop, EU Shop).

naturalglowgroupwithboxc-3…. goji-mulberry-mix_mini ….aries_seedbombs_h-2

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