DIY Matcha - Skin Balm Mask for soft skin in winter

matcha mask

Icy temperatures and snow are pretty and romantic, but the skin needs intensive extra care. Time for a DIY mask that nourishes, strengthens and regenerates the skin and is bursting with healthy and antioxidant ingredients:


We have developed a simple, quick to prepare and really effective recipe for a DIY Matcha Skin Balm nourishing mask and photographed the sugar-sweet Rosa with it:

Already a wonderful product is the Baby Balm from Pot of Gold Skincare, which protects the skin from the cold winter elements like no other skincare balm. If you then combine this wonderful all-rounder with the superfood Matcha powder magical processes are set in motion.

Matcha mask

The Matcha powder by Aiya, in addition to the protective and nourishing effect of the Pot of Gold Balm, ensures clean, clarified skin and prevents blemishes and redness. The two products complement each other perfectly and care for the skin lovingly and effectively.


It's as simple as this: mix two pinches of organic matcha powder with a pinch of Pot of Gold Baby Balm. The easiest way is to melt the mixture between your fingers or in your hand and then apply it fresh to the skin. Depending on your skin's needs, you can apply the mask thicker or thinner. After 10 to 15 minutes at the earliest, remove the remains of the mask with lukewarm water and, if necessary, a gentle cleanser.

Tip: To enhance the effect of the mask, you can wear it in the bath and let the water vapour provide a potentiated effect.

IMG_0901IMG_0913 IMG_0895
So fresh and refreshed, we naturally treat ourselves to a glass of matcha latte.

***DisclaimerAs you can see in the pictures, our products are not tested on animals, but on living people. Thank you, Rosa!

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