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Every seventh couple in Germany is unintentionally childless, in Switzerland even every fifth. Around 70% of all couples trying to get pregnant suffer from painful vaginal dryness. This is often a great burden for those affected:

Unwanted childlessness puts a strain on the psyche and the feeling of happiness, can lead to depression and other ailments, and often puts so much strain on the relationship that it breaks down.

The reasons for involuntary childlessness are numerous and can have physiological as well as psychological causes. Part of this is also the modern lifestyle: an unhealthy diet, stress, pressure to perform and the expectations of the personal environment can develop a psychosomatic defence mechanism and prevent conception.

Lubricant problem Less well known is the fact that lubricants used to combat vaginal dryness can also prevent the desire to have children: The osmolality (attraction of water) and acidity (pH value) of lubricants can damage the sperm to such an extent that it cannot survive and can also affect the pH value of the vaginal environment to such an extent that fertilisation is prevented.

The pioneering British company Yes® has addressed this problem and developed the fertility-supporting "Yes Baby", a lubricant package for couples who want to have children. Yes Baby is a package containing 2 different lubricant preparations, ovulation tests and detailed instructions.

Why two different lubricant formulations? The pH value of semen is neutral to alkaline, whereas the vaginal environment is slightly acidic. Lubricants that are too acidic can therefore impair sperm motility, while neutral to alkaline lubricants can impair the health of the vaginal area. Lubricant can therefore prevent fertilisation.

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Sperm friendly Before and during ovulation, the most fertile phase, it is therefore crucial that the lubricant used is matched to the osmolality and pH value of the sperm. Only then can they fulfil their task optimally. The first lubricant formula from Yes Baby has therefore been developed for precisely this phase, making it sperm-friendly.

Vagina friendly During ovulation, the vaginal pH value is neutral to alkaline and therefore optimised for the sperm. Afterwards, however, the pH value changes back to acidic, which is essential for the health of the vaginal area: the neutral-basic pH value of sperm-friendly lubricants increases the possibility of bacterial or fungal infections. Bacterial vaginosis has been linked to various fertility and pregnancy problems, including first trimester pregnancy loss, premature labour and premature birth. The vagina-friendly preparation from Yes Baby restores the protective pH value in the vaginal area and thus prevents infections.

Yes Baby is therefore the only product for couples wishing to have children that is not only sperm-friendly, but also takes into account women's health and therefore a healthy pregnancy. Yes Baby has already helped a large number of couples to conceive their dream child. You can read the testimonials of happy parents here view.


Yes Baby is protected by an international patent, certified by the UK Soil Association and a medical device according to CE standards. In Switzerland, Yes Baby is available online. here also available in pharmacies, for example the St Peter's Pharmacy in Zurich. in Austria and Germany also via Biomazing (EUR 28) and in selected pharmacies and specialised shops, e.g. at Love-value in Vienna. Please send your questions to contact@biomazing.ch, subject: "Yes Baby - Question to experts" or to your doctor.

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