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Pure. Potent. Precise. De Mamiel stands for handmade natural cosmetics that are pure, made by hand with love and above all one thing: potent and effective. The TCM specialist and aromatherapist Annee de Mamiel treated her patients and customers with her own products - until the demand for them grew and she realised that her balms not only touched the body, but also the inside of her customers, and that they wanted to take their experiences home with them and share them.


Not only is the effect of the de Mamiel products unique, but their packaging is also beautiful to fall in love with and reflects the high quality and thought put into the product. De Mamiel's focus is not only on the superficial care of the body's largest organ, but much more on the energy of life that can be achieved through skin care.


The de Mamiel creations are developed based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and scientific research processes and the selection of ingredients is intended to positively influence every level of the skincare ritual: From the body, to the fragrance, to the mindful sense of well-being.

Even today, each of the variations is handmade with precision and attention to detail and contains the most natural, potent and pure ingredients. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring that the ingredients are exceptionally rich in nutrients.


At the centre of the de-Mamiel ritual are the special facial oils: seasonal facial oils and a special oil for pregnant women are at the heart of the collection.

The Seasonal Oils are available from the Equinox of the respective season, and only during this time. Their effects and ingredients are tailored to the current season in which they are available.

The Spring Facial Oil is a true springtime booster that brightens the mood and skin, has a refreshing effect and repairs and regenerates skin stressed by winter.


The Pregnancy Facial Oil has been specially created for pregnancy, as the skin is particularly sensitive during this time. The oil also has a calming, balancing and relaxing effect for this wonderful, emotional time.

The Altitude Oil is an everyday all-rounder. No handbag should be without it, as it ensures a clear head and mind in any situation. The immune system is strengthened and de Mamiel Altitude Oil also works wonders for the first signs of illness and a blocked nose.


De Mamiel attaches great importance to unique, luxurious and high-quality ingredients. Carefully selected essential oils ensure that each oil has an effect on the mind as well as the body. In addition, the most potent oils are used to moisturise and deeply nourish the skin. The high-quality kukui oil protects the skin from external influences, while argan oil and rosehip seed oil soothe the skin thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. Baobab oil and coconut oil make the skin more resilient and elastic.

De Mamiel is a collection guided by impact, mindfulness and quality, which ensures an all-round feeling of well-being and convinces with unique and effective creations.

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photo credit: de Mamiel, property of de Mamiel 

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