5 DIY beauty recipes with matcha

5 matcha tips beauty diy

Matcha is on trend. It's as if chia seeds, coconut oil and kale have been combined to maximise the power factor. However, very few people realise that you can do more than just drink matcha. Here we show you how to use the green tea powder as a beauty booster:

Matcha hair treatment Matcha stimulates the scalp and can help as a mask for increased hair growth and against annoying dandruff. To do this, mix half a teaspoon of matcha powder with argan oil or coconut oil, divide the hair into sections and apply the mask directly to the scalp. Leave on for at least 15 minutes, maximum overnight and then wash out as usual.
A high-tech alternative for thin hair is PurePlenty hair care from Intelligent Nutrients (here), which uses plant stem cells to stimulate new hair growth and make hair thicker and more voluminous.

A radiant look Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes can be due to a predisposition or to exhaustion and lack of sleep. The good news is that matcha not only awakens the body, but also the eyes. Mix a mini pinch of matcha with the usual amount of eye cream directly in your hand and apply by gently patting. If the cream-matcha mixture looks a little green, it doesn't matter, as the green balances out redness.
If you prefer to take your time and relax your eyes from screen work, you can also do this with Dr Hauschka Eye Freshener (here) with eyebright, fennel, camomile and black tea to revitalise and soothe the eye area.

Matcha tonic for the skin This tonic is ideal for preparing the skin for skincare with matcha tonic or for refreshing it in between: make a very strong tea from organic flowers. Rose tea, camomile tea or peppermint tea are particularly beneficial. Stir a very small amount of matcha into the cooled tea and shake before use.
The Hydrating Floral Essence from Tata Harper Skincare is pure moisturiser in spray form with ground-breaking (pun intended!) bio-technology. With Goto Kolar, bio-compatible hyaluronic acid and the finest hydrolates (here).

Matcha mask Those who use Biomazing on Instagram followsYou've already guessed it: matcha as a face mask is great and, above all, looks tempting - after application. The advantage of mixing the face mask yourself is that you can adapt it to the current condition of your skin. We recommend using yoghurt, honey, fruit juice or puree, or clear water with half a teaspoon of matcha as a base. If necessary, you can add essential oils, hydrolates or oils to suit your personal skin condition - but you don't have to. Matcha has an antibacterial effect, detoxifies the skin and is even said to help with pigmentation spots. Puffiness heals and scars and acne also benefit from high-quality matcha.
The green tea detox mask from Stark Skincare is the mother of matcha masks: it contains matcha extract and alpha hydroxy acid, which gently exfoliates and detoxifies the skin (here).

Matcha peeling The mix-and-match method with matcha also works for detoxifying body scrubs. To do this, mix olive oil, honey and coarse salt in equal parts and stir in a small amount (e.g. 1 tsp) of matcha powder. The scrub can be applied and left to work for a while to allow the skin to benefit from the ingredients. Then exfoliate the skin in gentle circular motions and rinse off.

 DIY Matcha scrub

Image source: teatox.de

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