Organic pioneer Dr Hauschka wins the world's first organic mango butter

organic pioneer dr hauschka wins first organic mango butter cover picture

Even organic brands have either had to use conventional quality mango butter or do without it. Although organic mango fruits are available, their seeds were previously thrown away or burnt instead of being processed into mango butter. This was a sticking point for the organic pioneer Dr Hauschka and a ground-breaking project has been underway since 2008: Extracting the world's first organic mango butter in India.

Elaborate extraction Firstly, the seeds of the organic fruit must be dried in the sun for a few days. Once they are completely dry, the seeds must be opened by hand and the stone removed. The stone from the inside of the mango pit is dried again, but this is already the next challenge, as the rainy season begins shortly after the mango harvest. Some of the kernels are therefore dried in ovens. However, Dr Hauschka is already working on an even more sustainable process and is investigating how the kernels can also be dried during the rainy season using solar energy.

The dry kernels are then transported by ship to Germany, where the valuable organic mango butter is extracted from the kernels. But Dr Hauschka is not letting up here either and is looking for a way to extract the mango butter entirely in India so that most of the value creation can take place locally.

In addition to creating value locally, Dr. Hauschka pays particular attention to organic farming: "This benefits people and nature in equal measure," says Christine Ellinger, raw materials buyer for Dr. Hauschka, because organic farming means no artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The efforts are already paying off: the stones from the organic mangoes are no longer thrown away or burnt and around 40 additional seasonal workers can be employed for the project. This exceptional quality and sustainable production also costs Dr Hauschka a lot: the organic mango butter costs the company around ten times as much as a conventional product.

Mango kernels, dried Dr Hauschka Organic Mango Butter
The dried mango seeds from which the valuable mango butter is made

Mango butter Mango butter is the oil from the stone inside the mango pit. As the consistency is similar to that of butter, the end product is known as mango butter. Mango butter is used in skin care as it nourishes the skin and provides it with intensive moisture and various fatty acids. Rough and mature skin in particular benefits from mango butter: wrinkles are reduced and the skin is even protected from the sun with a light, natural UV filter.

Products with organic mango butter From now on, these Dr. Hauschka products contain organic mango butter: the Replenishing Mask, an intensive care product for dehydrated skin, the moisturising and lightly smoothing Eye Cream, the Midday Flower Face Cream and Body Lotion, as well as the Rose Gloss and Cherry Gloss lip glosses.

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