7 ways to get more out of the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

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Since the launch of the super natural cosmetics luxury brand Tata Harper, the Resurfacing Mask for Instant Glow has proved to be a bestseller. No wonder, as it wins prizes and awards year after year! Here we show you how to get even more out of the mask and make it work more effectively for different skin types.

The normal application The Resurfacing Mask for Instant Glow is a natural beta-hydroxi treatment that gives the skin instant freshness and radiance. Cell renewal is stimulated, pores are minimised and redness is soothed. The classic resurfacing experience is achieved by applying a thick layer of the mask and leaving it on for 20-30 minutes. The result is gently exfoliated, soft skin that looks toned and fresh while detoxifying and fighting inflammation.

Mask + Clarisonic Those who have already succumbed to the Carisonic trend can try this combination: Skin with Clarisonic and the Tata Harper 4 in 1 Regenerating Cleanser cleanse and then apply the resurfacing mask. Pure depth effect, because the mask can be absorbed more deeply and stimulate the skin better as it has already been freed of dead skin cells.

Mask + 4 in 1 Cleanser against acne If your skin is acting up, the combination of Resurfacing Mask and 4 in 1 Regenerating Cleanser can help. Before applying the mask, mix a small amount of the cleanser into the mask and apply in this way. The activated enzymes of the cleanser support and strengthen the exfoliating effect, while antiseptic extracts of grapefruit and white willow bark soothe and heal impurities and inflammation.

Routine for oily skin This intensive treatment with the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask helps against blemished and oily skin that is also plagued by impurities: Mix the mask with the 4 in 1 Regenerating Cleanser as in the tip against acne and apply 2 layers of mask to the skin and leave on for 30 minutes. Apply 3 times a week for the first month, then reduce to 1-2 times a week. The routine is particularly important for this skin type so that the skin can adjust to the new treatment and calm down. With the routine, the skin will develop fewer of its own oils, the pores will be refined and the complexion will be clearer.
This is how it works: Apply the first layer of the mask and leave on for 2-3 minutes so that the layer dries slightly. Then apply the second layer.

Intensive cure To enhance the acne-inhibiting effect of the resurfacing mask, you can combine it with a facial steam bath. To do this, first apply a layer of mask. Then bring a pan of water to the boil. When the water is boiling, remove the pan from the heat and hold your head over the steam. The head and shoulders should be covered with a towel. The steam will help the active ingredients in the mask to penetrate deeper into the skin to work on acne, blemishes, enlarged pores and inflammation.
When the water has cooled down, cleanse the skin with fresh water.

Spot treatment Has a single pimple appeared on your chin or do your cheeks look puffy? Witch hazel and willow bark work effectively. Simply apply a small amount of the mask to the affected area and leave on for as long as possible or overnight. Willow bark is a natural salicylic acid that has an antibacterial and astringent effect. This works against inflammation and can also prevent it from developing in the first place.

Quick Glow Only have a few minutes to look really great? Apply a first layer of Resurfacing Mask, leave to dry and then apply a second layer. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off. The skin is radiant and soothed - instant glow!
The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask for Instant Glow and more information about it are here available.

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